Mr Robot – Hacking your TV

Mr Robot, the new show written, directed and produced by Sam Esmail has captured the critics and publics attention with his current view of the digital and real world.  The main character, Elliot Alderson, is the perfect vehicle for the introverted, unstable hacking genius using his ability in the first episode and demonstrate how little we see on the digital surface of our world.


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Golden Globe 2015 Winners

The Golden Globes proved to be a unique event with winners such as Boyhood and The Theory of Everything winning some of the top prizes.

This ceremony is the lead up to the Oscars and it could see Boyhood walk away with the lions share of the awards and Neil Patrick Harris has some big shoes to fill as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler proved their second outing as hosts was just as funny as their first.

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