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Stranger Things Season Two Trailer

Film trailers weren’t the only thing on the agenda during those Super Bowl 51 adverts. Netflix’s Stranger Things season one was all the talk when it premiered last year and the hype for season two couldn’t be much bigger.

It’s really only a teaser but that’s they way it should be. Less is more.

Season two hits Netflix on Halloween!

Fantastic Four Trailer #2 first look at Dr Doom

The latest Fantastic Four Trailer has hit the Internet and it provides more depth on the story as well as a first look at Dr Doom.  

The new team looks impressive and now the team are entrenched in the gritty outfits and deep storyline maybe we can erase the past Fantastic Four movie and its sequel.

Mad Max Fury Road Trailer Available

Mad Max Fury Road unleashed its second trailer and what a spectacle it is, with Tom Hardy being thrown around the desolate world and a bald Chalize Theron driving away from her captors the trailer boasts explosions, crashes, smashes and enough carnage to fill a 10 wheeler semi truck.  The excitement has gone up for this apocalyptic road movie.

Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer

Another year, another attempt to bring a video game franchise to the big screen. Again? Wait a minute didn’t we already have a Hitman film with that guy that played a villain in the terribly titled ‘Live Free or Die Hard’?

Well apparently one wasn’t enough and so we get a reboot or a re-imagining… or whatever.

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