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Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 Try

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 15 Try The penultimate episode of Walking Dead showed Rick getting to breaking point with the normal ness that Alexandria is trying to present. The fight between Rick and Pete is bloody, it shows how tightly wound Rick is about the whole situation.

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Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 Them

**** SPOILER ALERT ******

Read at your peril

The episode opens with Beth looking away in the distance whilst a walker approaches, she kills it as if she is in a trance. The hopelessness of the situation they are now in seems even more bleak in this episode.

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Game of Thrones Telltale Game – Episode 2

Telltale have announced the second episode of their Game of Thrones game “The Lost Lords”, which should arrive 22/01/2015.

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After picking up this game very close to release date, I’ve been constantly checking to download and play the second installment. Telltale games are often hit or miss with certain people, however this is one game where I get so committed to my characters and the decisions they make.

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Game of Thrones Future Scenes (in the Past?)

With Game of Thrones edging closer to our screens to return with Season 5, there has been a lot of reveals about who will be included and what we should expect. Rumors online suggest this season will include multiple flash backs to younger times with both Tywin and Cersei Lannister already being confirmed.

This suggests there is a clear new character that they want to bring into the story from Cersei’s youth, who will either be in the present time or altering the future of the kingdom.

As this is the first time Game of Thrones will include flash backs (and not just minor glimpses). With George RR Martin taking a break from the TV show and focusing on his books, this should open up the freedom for the Producers to potentially invent a new story line that could add to the world. It will be interesting to see how this turns out, which should leave both Book and TV fans excited for the future!