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New Ghostbusters Cast Photographed Together

The Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary was the perfect opportunity for the new cast to get papped together since the announcement of the movie.


Since the announcement speculation about the movie and its plot has been the talk of the internet with die hard fans dismissing the movie before they have seen any footage.

The main decision to reboot the movie as opposed to make another part was due to Bill Murry refusing to be part of the movie and the death of Harold Ramis.

Dan Aykroyd, one original Ghostbusters has said the cast of Wiig, Jones, McCarthy and McKinnon will be “magnificent”.

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Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer

Another year, another attempt to bring a video game franchise to the big screen. Again? Wait a minute didn’t we already have a Hitman film with that guy that played a villain in the terribly titled ‘Live Free or Die Hard’?

Well apparently one wasn’t enough and so we get a reboot or a re-imagining… or whatever.

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Poltergeist Trailer (and a small rant about remakes)

So here we go. If there’s one trend that I’m getting pretty tired of in Hollywood it’s the trail of remakes and reboots that are endlessly appearing.

IMDB currently has a list of films being remade/rebooted starting from last year.

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World War Z sequel is not quite a reboot

Steven Knight, screenwriter for the upcoming World War Z Sequel announced the new film could be a “clean slate” with the story departing from the original movie.

Could we be looking at a partial reboot of the original story or just a continuation of the story written by Max Brooks about the zombie apocalypse.

This asks the question, is a “clean slate” the new term for a reboot, or have hollywood started to run out of ideas? How many reboots have we had in the last decade, which have been successful and which have flopped without a trace.

After watching “Cinema Sins” I felt they could have done so much more with the film, so maybe the clean slate will deliver that.