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GTA Online – A Clockwork Orange

Having been out for well over a year now, the thriving world of GTA Online continues to impress and present gamers with new options. You’d think these would involve tricks, races and new level creations but there’s some really creative work going on with photography and video within the game.

With the release of GTA V on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, gamers are now able to record their gameplay right from the console and they are making the most of it. A YouTube channel named ‘GTA Series Videos‘ released an awesome homage to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’ with some of the most iconic scenes reenacted within the game.

Microsoft grants game developers the use of a seventh core

It appears that Microsoft have more plans up their sleeves as they now allow game developers the use of a seventh processing core, on the Xbox One. Formerly, both the Xbox One and the PS4 ran with six of their eight cores, with two cores allocated to the general system functionality (such as the OS and drivers). Although the new SDK and firmware (leaked by a hacking group called H4LT) unlocks more potential for game developers, they do not get to utilise the full 100% of the additional core. Instead they can utilise up to 50-80% of this core for performance in their games. Continue reading Microsoft grants game developers the use of a seventh core

Second ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer from Marvel Studios released.

Marvel Studios release the second trailer for the hotly anticipated sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron and we get a glimpse of just how bad things are getting for the superhero team.

So what do we think about the latest trailer?

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing some Hulk v Hulkbuster tearing up the place. Not too long a wait now, the film hits cinemas May 1, 2015.

Golden Globe 2015 Winners

The Golden Globes proved to be a unique event with winners such as Boyhood and The Theory of Everything winning some of the top prizes.

This ceremony is the lead up to the Oscars and it could see Boyhood walk away with the lions share of the awards and Neil Patrick Harris has some big shoes to fill as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler proved their second outing as hosts was just as funny as their first.

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