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Iron Fist Trailer 2 from Netflix

Netflix not only dropped Stranger Things Season 2 trailer, but they also threw us the latest Iron Fist Trailer.  Watch the exclusive trailer below.

With Danny Rand taking the lead as Iron Fist, as well as one of the Defenders with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil this series looks set to continue the dark urban theme that previous shows have followed.

Stranger Things Season Two Trailer

Film trailers weren’t the only thing on the agenda during those Super Bowl 51 adverts. Netflix’s Stranger Things season one was all the talk when it premiered last year and the hype for season two couldn’t be much bigger.

It’s really only a teaser but that’s they way it should be. Less is more.

Season two hits Netflix on Halloween!

Jessica Jones Trailer now Online

The Jessica Jones trailer is now online and the Netflix funded show looks to have the same dark and gritty atmosphere from Daredevil.  The trailer also introduced a brief shot of David Tennant in the villain role.  Check out the trailer and future announcements from I Reek Of Geek.

Better Call Saul First Look

Better Call Saul has just hit our online Netflix accounts and is showing signs of great things. By bringing back a lot of older characters (shown very early) we can see how they started to develop into huge roles in the Breaking Bad universe.

This whole spin off has come from Netflix and the  producers of Breaking Bad to allow for it to be made.

As we are slowly being drip fed more and more interesting characters and scenarios, I believe this will be a show that any Breaking Bad fan will have to watch to find more about our “unusual” lawyer.

On the side note, the Better Call Saul website is truely brilliant and is covered with lots of little Easter Eggs.

Netflix Daredevil Teaser Online

Netflix have released a quick teaser of the new Daredevil TV show which is coming to the online streaming service.

The quick trailer gives you a brief glimpse of what could be coming in the show and the Reek of Geeks team are excited at the prospect of the first TV outing for Marvel.