Sing Movie Review by a 10 year old Mini Geek

The new animation movie from Dreamworks had preview screenings across the UK and as a treat I took my little Mini Geek daughter to see the it and write up a review. Mini Geek#1 review of Sing: “I like Sing the movie because it’s funny and it’s full of the songs like Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, Firework by Katy Perry and I’m still … Continue reading Sing Movie Review by a 10 year old Mini Geek

Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer

Another year, another attempt to bring a video game franchise to the big screen. Again? Wait a minute didn’t we already have a Hitman film with that guy that played a villain in the terribly titled ‘Live Free or Die Hard’?

Well apparently one wasn’t enough and so we get a reboot or a re-imagining… or whatever.

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Poltergeist trailer

Poltergeist Trailer (and a small rant about remakes)

So here we go. If there’s one trend that I’m getting pretty tired of in Hollywood it’s the trail of remakes and reboots that are endlessly appearing.

IMDB currently has a list of films being remade/rebooted starting from last year.

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My idea of the next Bourne Movie

With the news that Matt Damon is returning the Bourne franchise and Jeremy Renner is “on hold” to star in any further Bourne movies, I always wondered what story they could create for a and with no plans in sight for them to team up, I wondered why don’t they do a Bourne  and Cross movie.

What if Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross teamed up to take down the CIA.

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