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Star Wars: Episode VIII to be titled ‘The Last Jedi’

So you’re not tired of Star Wars are you? At the Reek of Geek headquarters it’s pretty much all we talk about so to have a bit more news on the forthcoming ‘Skywalker Saga’ films is only a good thing.

It seems we now have a title for Episode VIII (due to be released December 15th 2017) and Lucasfilm are going with The Last Jedi.

Episode 8 poster image
Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios

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A kids look at the top 10 film of 2017

There is an abundance of kids films coming this year and instead of me giving my opinion I decided to ask my 10 year old daughter “Mini-Geek#1” what are her top 10 kids films for 2017, her selection was quite interesting.

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New Star Wars Episdode VII character posters unveiled

Star Wars fans have today been given a close up sneaky peaky into some of the main characters of the upcoming episode 7 movie. The posters feature Hann, Leia, Finn and Rey. All of which are posing behind their weapons of choice, but there does seem to be someone missing?? (Answers on a postcard please for the worst kept secret in Cinema history)
These new images are just another teaser for the fans who, let’s face it, are already worked up enough as it is. The Force awakens opens in the UK on the 18th of December and will have a few fanboys (And girls) having a few sleepless nights in anticipation.


Art – Star Wars by Juan Esteban Rodriguez

Who doesn’t love a bit of Star Wars art? Well teaming up with the Bottleneck Gallery comes this fantastic piece of work by artist Juan Esteban Rodriguez in collaboration with Acme Archives.

Screen print 18 x 24 inches Numbered edition of 150 $40


Both of these prints will be for sale on February 6th, at 12pm eastern on Bottleneckgallery.com so I wouldn’t hang around!

Screen print with metallic ink 18 x 24 inches Numbered edition of 50 $50