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Star Wars: Episode VIII to be titled ‘The Last Jedi’

So you’re not tired of Star Wars are you? At the Reek of Geek headquarters it’s pretty much all we talk about so to have a bit more news on the forthcoming ‘Skywalker Saga’ films is only a good thing.

It seems we now have a title for Episode VIII (due to be released December 15th 2017) and Lucasfilm are going with The Last Jedi.

Episode 8 poster image
Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios

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Disney movie schedule from 2017 and beyond

Disney’s next phase of movies was recently announced, with trailers for some of the titles already circulating the web and the anticipated teasers is there any doubt that Disney has got something for everyone.

2017 to 2020 will see a host of movies from Disney and with the announcement in January the list and dates were released as well. I listed below and my opinion of what I want to see, what I don’t want to see and the question, why are they making this!!!

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New Star Wars Episdode VII character posters unveiled

Star Wars fans have today been given a close up sneaky peaky into some of the main characters of the upcoming episode 7 movie. The posters feature Hann, Leia, Finn and Rey. All of which are posing behind their weapons of choice, but there does seem to be someone missing?? (Answers on a postcard please for the worst kept secret in Cinema history)
These new images are just another teaser for the fans who, let’s face it, are already worked up enough as it is. The Force awakens opens in the UK on the 18th of December and will have a few fanboys (And girls) having a few sleepless nights in anticipation.


Tomorrowland: A World Beyond Trailer Unveiled

Disney have revealed the new trailer for Tomorrowland which stars George Clooney as Frank Walker, a former boy genius inventor who meets Casey Newton, starring Britt Robertson, after she finds a button which transports her to a place in time and space beyond their imagination.

With a cast of stars including Hugh Laurie, Kathryn Hahn, Tim McGraw and Judy Greer the movie looks to be a visual delight, but will the story deliver the goods.

The movie is directed by Brad Bird whose work includes The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. The movie is opening during the summer blockbuster season which include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World and other big hits. Tomorrowland opens in cinemas on May 22.

Big Hero 6 Review – A Huggable Movie for Kids and Adults

I saw Big Hero 6, with my 8 year old daughter, the movie is the latest digital animation from Disney studios and is based on the comic from Marvel and is the story about 13 year old genius Hiro and Baymax, a healthcare robot created by Hiros’ brother Tadashi.  The movie opens with Hiro being a reckless teen with a high IQ battling in toy robot fights, his brother Tadashi enlightens him to the potential to use his intellect at University instead of squandering it.

big hero 6

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