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Wrestlemania 31 Results

Poster_WrestleMania_31The shockwaves of Wrestlemania 31 will be felt for up to 1 year, the card on paper wasn’t as exciting as the show, the fans in the Levi Stadium got and watching at home got to see some shocks during the night.

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Maggie Trailer – Arnie meets the Zombies

Maggie is the new film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the father of his teenage daughter who is slowly turning into a zombie.  The trailer depicts a father trying to save his daughter from the authorities and the disease which is taking his daughter.  

The film has recieved positive reviews for Arnies performance as the protective father, but the real star Is Abigail Breslin as the daughter who demonstrates her emotions fading as she turns to one of the walking dead.

Terminator Genisys Super Bowl Trailer

Its here, the Arnold Schwarzenegger franchise reboot has arrived with more questions being thrown up about the story and how the T-800 arrived, what made Sarah Conner such an ass kicker and how cool is the new T-1000.

Apart from the reboot my interest has been spiked even more when they announced Matt Smith of Dr Who fame is among one of the supporting cast.