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The best (and worst) Cosplay

There was a time years ago I would never have done any Cosplay for fear of being laughed at by others far bigger but not brighter than me, now times have changed. In the last few years Cosplay has become an artform to be admired by movie,comic, tv and gaming fans alike who get to see their hero in 3D, but there are some outfits which just make you want to look away.

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Daredevil to return to screens


It seems that Marvel are on a roll with their TV series ideas at the minute, with Agents of S.H.I.E.LD currently showing a successful second season and Agent Carter’s small screen adventures due to hit our screens soon, it made sense that they throw in another to make it a trio. Continue reading Daredevil to return to screens

First ‘Ant-Man’ Poster revealed!

Magnified close-up of Paul Rudd in his Ant-Man costume.

So we have the first Ant-Man poster released a day or so after the teaser trailer hit (also going with the miniature themed design) and my feelings are about as mixed as the upcoming film.

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The Geeks are going to Comic Con London

The team behind “i Reek of Geeks” will be at the MCM Comic Con event MCM_ComicCon_London2[1]in London on May 22 to 25.  This is the first time I have been to a comic convention since 2002 and for Dutchboy Dan its his first trip to London.

This year Comic Con event will host movies, TV shows, Comic artists, Cos Play and gaming eSports which will appeal to all those wonderful Geeks out there.

I admit I was slightly naive about Cos Play until I watched the video below from Comic Con 2014 and it made me realise how much fun people have dressing up.

In the run up to the event the team at “i Reek of Geek” will be putting information about the guests, features and news which we think you might want to read.  We will also be attending the fringe events as well and hopefully the Comic Con party.

Keep your eye on our twitter page @iReekofGeekUK and the @MCMExpo for more information.

Big Hero 6 Review – A Huggable Movie for Kids and Adults

I saw Big Hero 6, with my 8 year old daughter, the movie is the latest digital animation from Disney studios and is based on the comic from Marvel and is the story about 13 year old genius Hiro and Baymax, a healthcare robot created by Hiros’ brother Tadashi.  The movie opens with Hiro being a reckless teen with a high IQ battling in toy robot fights, his brother Tadashi enlightens him to the potential to use his intellect at University instead of squandering it.

big hero 6

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