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Overwatch – The Next Big Multiplayer FPS for PC?

With the recent serious First Person Shooters that are available or up and coming – the likes of Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront – it is refreshing to see a new Shooter that offers so much more freedom to play style and in game roles.

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Better Call Saul First Look

Better Call Saul has just hit our online Netflix accounts and is showing signs of great things. By bringing back a lot of older characters (shown very early) we can see how they started to develop into huge roles in the Breaking Bad universe.

This whole spin off has come from Netflix and theĀ  producers of Breaking Bad to allow for it to be made.

As we are slowly being drip fed more and more interesting characters and scenarios, I believe this will be a show that any Breaking Bad fan will have to watch to find more about our “unusual” lawyer.

On the side note, the Better Call Saul website is truely brilliant and is covered with lots of little Easter Eggs.

Steam Workshop Expands!

Valve have just announced that individuals over the last 4 years (since the release of the Workshop) have received a total of $57 Million, which has been split across 1,500 designers all around the world through the Steam Workshop.

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Game of Thrones Telltale Game – Episode 2

Telltale have announced the second episode of their Game of Thrones game “The Lost Lords”, which should arrive 22/01/2015.

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After picking up this game very close to release date, I’ve been constantly checking to download and play the second installment. Telltale games are often hit or miss with certain people, however this is one game where I get so committed to my characters and the decisions they make.

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DOTA 2 – The International

Valve have announced the dates and location for The International – Defense of the Ancients E-Sports Tournament.

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