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Star Wars Fan Posters – Just awesome

A few of you may have heard that there is a new Star Wars film coming out soon. It’s not much of a big thing really but this seems to be the time to be showing love for one of the biggest Sci-Fi franchises of all time.¬† Continue reading Star Wars Fan Posters – Just awesome

Xbox One Compatibility coming soon. REAL soon.

This month sees the biggest Xbox One update so far, not only do we get a shiny new dashboard but we also get the ability to play some of our favourite Xbox 360 games. There are about 104 titles for launch with more being added as time goes on.  Have a look at the list below for details, are your favourites in here? Continue reading Xbox One Compatibility coming soon. REAL soon.

New Star Wars Episdode VII character posters unveiled

Star Wars fans have today been given a close up sneaky peaky into some of the main characters of the upcoming episode 7 movie. The posters feature Hann, Leia, Finn and Rey. All of which are posing behind their weapons of choice, but there does seem to be someone missing?? (Answers on a postcard please for the worst kept secret in Cinema history)
These new images are just another teaser for the fans who, let’s face it, are already worked up enough as it is. The Force awakens opens in the UK on the 18th of December and will have a few fanboys (And girls) having a few sleepless nights in anticipation.