The future of in-car technology starts with Jaguar

I have always been an avid petrol-head since I got my first little red Ferrari back in the summer of 2006. My passion for motor vehicles is almost on par with my passion for technology and the IT industry as a whole. Many concepts come and go at the Geneva Motor Show, which is famous for being the home for weird and wonderful concept creations. However, concepts have always been focused on the appearance of the vehicles. How the curves follow down the bodywork, the sharp edges and prominent features and, of course, the futuristic (and sometimes subtle) styling of the headlights, rear lights and even the wing mirrors.


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Welcome to the new Legend of Zelda…

The Zelda franchise has been one of my firm favourites of all time, always bringing an epic and exciting adventure to the table with plenty of nostalgia along for the ride. With the latest (and greatest) news that some new additions are coming for the franchise, including a rework of the classic ‘Majora’s Mask’ for the 3DS, it is set to be a very good year for Nintendo (and the players!). The most important announcement for me was the release of the beautifully crafted reborn Legend of Zelda.

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Microsoft grants game developers the use of a seventh core

It appears that Microsoft have more plans up their sleeves as they now allow game developers the use of a seventh processing core, on the Xbox One. Formerly, both the Xbox One and the PS4 ran with six of their eight cores, with two cores allocated to the general system functionality (such as the OS and drivers). Although the new SDK and firmware (leaked by a hacking group called H4LT) unlocks more potential for game developers, they do not get to utilise the full 100% of the additional core. Instead they can utilise up to 50-80% of this core for performance in their games. Continue reading “Microsoft grants game developers the use of a seventh core”