Steamed Hams – The video game?!

The popular Simpsons meme has reached peak levels.

It’s probably no surprise that the IROG boys are fans of The Simpsons. Quotes from the show and character impressions are a regular occurrence when we gather together for a game night.

So it was to my joy that I stumbled across this beautiful site where a game developer by the name of neodement has created a playable graphic adventure of one of the most meme-worthy clips in The Simpsons history.

In the fan game, you play as Skinner in a recreation of the hilarious sequence. It’s not so much a game as it is an “interactive experience,” neodement says. Players click on words on the screen to piece the puzzle together to make Skinner do what he does in┬áthe real scene.

I’m totally on board with this idea! I love that you can play around in this small slice of Springfield life and play out the scene just as it was in the episode. It’s brilliantly made with the voices from the episode itself and what’s more it’s free to play now!

Click here to play the game:

If you’d rather watch the game being played check out the video below:

Steamed Hams is one of those memes that creatives seem to particularly enjoy getting their hands on. There’s already a ton of stuff out there and it’s interesting to see what they’ll come up with next!

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