Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance

Details have emerged about the latest season of Respawn’s free-to-play shooter.

Apex Legends is about to enter it’s 12th season and with it a new game mode, for the first 3 weeks at least.

Defiance is the new season’s name and as you can see in the gameplay trailer featured you not only get the limited time game mode ‘Control’ featuring a 9v9 capture and hold strategic points game mode on the map, but a new legend ‘Mad Maggie’ is arriving.

The now “not-so-floating city” Olympus has crashed and due to Maggie’s sabotage the city is now in disarray with buildings and landmarks being teleported to different locations.

When Apex Legends was first released I was all in. So many different characters to enjoy and the battle royale style gameplay was all the rage. Admittedly things have calmed down within that genre a little and I believe the dedicated fans have stuck with or found their niche in that genre. Whether that be PUBG, Fortnite, CoD Warzone or Apex Legends. I haven’t managed to find my way back into the game that regularly but I’ve always appreciated that Apex is constantly evolving, adding legends and playing with new game types.

So what do you think? Worth another shot, is Apex Legends the Battle Royale game of choice or is there another that you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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