Could Cody Rhodes enter the Royal Rumble 2022?

Reports are emerging that the son of a working man, Cody Rhodes Aka the American Nightmare, is working without an AEW contract. Reports from Sean Ross Sapp informed fans that the AEW star hadn’t signed a new contract and it had run out at the end of 2021!

As he is an executive within Tony Khan’s wrestling federation it would be likely that he is working with some form of agreement, but the question is could he (if VKM approved) enter the 2022 Royal Rumble?

As the rumble beckons, the reports that the WWE are open to working with talent from other organisations has been met with caution, as we all know the WWE isn’t the most trustworthy place to work, ask Killer Kross, Keith Lee, Tara Valkyrie and all the other wrestlers who signed a contract, only to get the future endeavours call from Johnny Ace.

The fact they are having to contact female performers of the past to fill up the women’s royal rumble shows they have cut talent too far and the marquee PPVs will suffer for it.

The men’s royal rumble also looks like it will be a combination of tag-teams, NXT and other stars to pad out the first 20 spots before the big boys enter the match. The likes of Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, The Street Profits, Asuka, Apollo Creed, Kofi Kingston and others who have worked hard and elevated the product only to be treated as cannon fodder to the top stars.

I hope that Cody Rhodes isn’t playing the fans and will go back to AEW, his place, role and legacy can all grow within the elite federation, entering the rumble could be a step back for him, especially if he has to meet Triple-H in the corridor, we all know those two don’t like each other much.

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