Techno artist to release album on… N64?

German Techno artist, Remute (A.K.A Denis Karimani) has announced details of his latest album launches for this year, with one of them being for the N64!

Video game music has always been a specialist subject, with Yuzo Koshiro‘s classic Streets of Rage music scores as being a great example of how some classic retro games provide more than just interactive entertainment. With these albums being released on some pretty impressive printed vinyl, it proves a gaming music score is almost as important as the game. Gaming scores have come a long way with the new generation of graphical capabilities, a high impacting score is a must to match the style of the game.

But not for this guy….Denis has previously released digital albums on the Mega Drive, SNES, Gameboy and PC Engine as well as a ROM for the Nintendo DS. With these proving to be popular among collectors as well as gaming and music nerds alike, it makes sense for him to release more work onto another beloved classic console.

The album, titled R64 will contain 15 tracks and will be available on region free cart from the 25th March this year. Other albums in the trilogy will include Unity and Generations to be released on the Game Boy Advance and Sega Dreamcast later this year. Dates on these are soon to be announced. These albums will also be available for around €40 digitally as well as a hi-res special edition recording on vinyl for around €50. Full details on Remute’s website.

Would you consider paying more for music released on retro consoles? Let us know @iReekofGeekuk

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