Royal Rumble 2022 – early thoughts

Well it’s been announced, the first participants of the 2022 WWE royal rumble, and one of the first names was Johnny Knoxville!?! WHAT!

In what must be a moment of showbiz desperation the Jackass and barely movie star has made a big song and dance about entering the WWE match and is pitting himself against 29 other performers/wrestlers.

Johnny Knoxville even went as far as insulting the wrestlers in his video by stating “They don’t have anyone big enough to throw me over the top rope. What, is Little E or Roman Ruins going to do it? Ha!” He went on to say “And Vince McMahon, you’ve always been really kind to us, and I appreciate it, but I sincerely hope you are auditioning bigger, tougher talent for the 2022 Royal Rumble because I don’t wanna hurt anyone. So, just like the shirt says, ‘Johnny Knoxville, World Champion.’”

The WWE is synonymous with using celebrities to help boost an event and gain some main stream exposure. Who can remember the time when stars such as Stephen Amell, Snooki, Shaquille O’Neal, The Great Floyd Mayweather, Drew Carey and of course Mr. T made WWE appearances.

WWE always sought “celebrities to improve their exposure, the relationship with the Jackass crew runs deep. They were set to be the main theme for SummerSlam 2007 with skits, stunts and all sorts of shenanigans planned for the big august pay per view. This was all thrown over the top rope when Johnny Knoxville pulled out due to a WWE scandal that was galvanising the press.

Even Steve-O talked about “The Worst Beating I Ever Got!” on YouTube and his experience of being thrown around by the big burly wrestlers and smacking his face on the concrete. For a character like Steve-O to say that proves the stars have no time for these types of publicity stunts and just want to wrestle and put on a good match. It seems the only person who wants celebrities in the ring is Vincent K. McMahon, who in my opinion feels he has lost touch with the fans and is only thinking of share prices and ratings. 

With the evolution of All-Elite Wrestling (AEW) I have decided to focus more on that product as they have the stars I want to see, the matches that make me stay on the channel and the ambition to be better (not bigger) than the WWE.

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