Rooster Teeth Let’s Play Video 20 Feb #OffenseDefense

For over 4 years I have been watching Let’s Play GTA V videos from Rooster Teeth and each video gets better.  Today they launched their latest video which saw the teams playing “Offense Defense” that has teams of 2 racing to the finish with one of the team protecting the other.

Having played these maps before with my friends online, I couldn’t help but laugh at the antics of Michael, Gavin, Jack, Geoff, Ryan and Jeremy crashing into each other and trolling for $hits and giggles.  So I decided to list my top 5 fave vids from last year hosted by the RoosterTeeth crew.

Here you go starting at 5:

I loved the battering ram truck but keep your eyes peeled at 8:22 and see Michael do his back flips.


Keep your eyes on the swap boat with heavy artillery.


If you like Cunning Stunts then you will love this video, keep your eyes on Gavin and see how many backflips he fails!


Keep your eyes on Mica at 8:46 and see if you can spot the UFB (unidentified flying bike)


One of my all time faves with so much mayhem and a Taco truck.

I hope you like our list, please comment, share or just tell us whats your fave clip and we hope to see you at RTX in London.

As a bonus clip I have added Michael’s rage quit from 4 years ago while he is playing trials on the Xbox.

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