Elimination Chamber 2017 – Who is going to Wrestlemania?

Elimination Chamber 2017 is done and we have our main event for Wrestlemania 33 which could turn out to be a nasty brawl or just another flat match.

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Becky Lynch v Mickie James
As nice as it is seeing Mickie James back in a WWE ring, I get the feeling this match should have been left a decade ago. Mickie is a good talent, but she needs to find a role as a trainer and leave it there.  Becky is too good for her and I would have rather watched a 3-way dance between her, Naomi and Alexa for the title.  Let’s hope they fight at Wrestlemania.

Dolph Ziggler V Kalisto & Crews
This was a waste of Zigglers talents, and putting a heel in a 2-on-1 match is just bizzare. Either Dolph has pissed off someone in creative, or this is the best they could come up with. I am a firm believer that Ziggler could be as big as CM Punk whose first title run was similar to Ziggler and it took one outspoken moment on Monday Night Raw to elevate Punk, Ziggler is ready for that moment.

Tag Team Turmoil
With American Alpha going up against all the other Smackdown teams, including a returning Usos this match was going to be fast and furious. The highlight of the night was the Ascension beating down the Alphas and still losing. With the Jordan and Gable on top of the Smackdown roster, what’s next for them? hopefully a ladder match at Wrestlemania.

Natalya v Nikki Bella
I saw this match and all I could hear was Jerry the King Lawler shouting “CAT FIGHT, CAT FIGHT” down the headset to good old JR and hoping for a nipple slip.  This match (and feud) is just pointless, Natalya is a better wrestler and should be in the title race, Nikki needs to take time off and leave.

Luke Harper v Randy Orton
This match had all the makings of a great story, Harper fighting his way back and taking the viper to the limit.  I would rather have seen a double count out, or double DQ, but at the end of the night Orton struck with the RKO and now he marches onto Wrestlmania to fight with his mentor.

Alexa Bliss v Naomi
This was a surprise match, the tenacity of Naomi versus the mean streak of Alexa made this a worthwhile match and the outcome was worth the payoff. Seeing Naomi lift the title was such a sight, she deserved her moment with the title and now she walks into Wrestlemania, in her hometown of Orlando as the Smackdown Womens Champion.

Championship Elimination Chamber Match
John Cena (c) V AJ Styles V Bray Wyatt V The Miz V Dean Ambrose V Baron Corbin
This match was everything it needed to be, the action was rife across the entire chamber.  With the current champion and ex champion starting off the battle we got to see them both wallop each other as they have done during 2016. Dean Ambrose entered the battle and delivered a suplex powerbomb combo onto Styles on the chamber floor.  The new chamber floor was padded enough to ensure the wrestlers didn’t injure themselves in the match.  Bray Wyatt came storming in 3rd and took out Cena and delivered a nasty suplex to Ambrose who landed on his hip rather than his back. After tossing Styles into the cage the face of fear was manhandled by the phenomenal one.  Corbin, who was in a main event for the first time in his WWE career, came in and took out Ambrose, then went to work on on John Cena and delivered an End of Days to the Cenation leader.  The Miz came out last and and distracted Corbin just enough for Ambrose to get the pin. A perplexed Corbin threw Ambrose into the pod, smashing the perspex and pummelling the Lunatic Fringe into a pulp and leaving him laying in the ring for a cowardly Miz to eliminate. The final 4 of Cena, Wyatt, Styles and Miz are in the ring, after a flurry of moves and a Skull Crushing Finale on Bray outside the ring, Cena catches Miz for the pin and out of the chamber.  Styles and Wyatt team up and start their onslaught on Cena before he rallies his strength to deliver a 10 knuckle shuffle (which looked pathetic) before kicking out of the Styles clash. Cena climbs onto of a pod and you can hear someone in the crowd “Don’t kill yourself Cena!” as he jumps from the chamber and lands awkwardly on Wyatt and Styles. Wyatt ends Cena’s 16th reign with a Sister Abigail, now its Styles V Wyatt. They battle through for 7 minutes and Wyatt catches AJ styles in Sister Abigail for his first title win.

With Wrestlemania round the corner, we have our main event with Randy Orton challenging Bray Wyatt for the title.  Could it become a fatal 4 way with Styles and Cena joining in, or could we see Cena fight the Undertaker, Styles take on the Miz, and Corbin V Ambrose.  The matches are all coming together but we know that the feud between Wyatt and Orton is going to escalate, but will it grip the fans enough for them to watch Wrestlemania…

and with Bray eliminating Cena 2nd to last made the finale

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