WWE Royal Rumble 2017

Royal Rumble 2017 Match Preview

The WWE Royal Rumble is coming up on 29 January from the San Antonio Alamodome, with matches all announced here are my picks for the rumble and championship matches.

Bayley V Charlotte for the RAW women’s title.
20170102_royalrumble_charlottebayley-e61d90cd20c215a735e1a8ea1cf74352With her transition in full flow onto the main roster Bayley is favourite to wrestle Charlotte at Wrestlemania 33 so this match is the beginning of their feud and could be a barnstormer if the WWE management let them. With Sasha Banks potentially wrestling Stephanie McMahon, this is Bayley’s chance to win the gold and build on her legacy.
Winner: Charlotte due to outside interference.

Neville v Rich Swan for the Cruiserweight title.
I am loving the Cruiserweight division, it reminds me of the origina X division from the early (and better) days of TNA. Neille’s new heel persona suits his look and feel, the aggression that he displays reminds me of Eddie Guerrero from his WCW days. I would like to see Neville win the title and build to an 8 man Cruiserweight ladder match at Wrestlmania.
Winner: Neville with a clean pinfall.

Roman Reigns v Kevin Owens
This gimmick match will be my least favourite to watch on the card due to my dislike of Roman Reigns and the way the WWE management has pushed him down our throats. I feel for Kevin Owens, his tenure as WWE Universal (I hate the title name) Champion has been relegated to comedy skits and comic matches which only look to push Roman and Rollins as the top faces. I hope Roman doesn’t win the title as it could lead him to the main event of Wrestlemania and I don’t want to see him in the main event ever again.
Winner: Kevin Owens with the help of Jericho.

John Cena v AJ Styles for the Smackdown World Championship
This has to be the 4th encounter for this pair and AJ Styles has a way of bringing out the fight in John Cena, or anyone else he wrestles which is why I want to see AJ win the match, keep the title with the help from the Undertaker setting up the first encounter for the dead man and leader of Cenation. In a recent WWE poll the “WWE Universe” as asked who they would like to see in the main event of Wrestlemania, AJ Styles was in the lead then mysteriously the poll was taken down.. was there a fault on the website? did the system break? or did the WWE management (Triple H and Steph) decide to to change the result. Whatever the reason the usual management bull$hit poked its head out of the woodwork.
Winner: AJ Styles via interference from The Undertaker.

Royal Rumble Match
With nearly all the participants announced and speculation of the surprise entries this Royal Rumble could bring about some major surprises and shock eliminations. I can’t wait to see Goldberg and Lesnar clash again, but this time the Undertaker is in the mix and could cause some shocks. Strowman, Big E and Corbin are lurking in the battle of the big men but as always we have the underdogs such as Ambrose, Cesaro and Ziggler who is due for his big push. Could we see some call ups from NXT turning up at the big show? people like Samoa Joe, The Revival and Tye Dillenger are ready for the main roster, but is the roster ready for them?

With the recent comment from in IGN.COM he was quoted as saying that this year’s Royal Rumble match will “go in a way that nobody expects.” Could that mean we see an underdog win? will it be the beginning of the Goldberg, Lesnar and Undertaker main event, maybe Finn Balor could make his way back into the WWE or could we see the first teaser of Cena v Undertaker. The speculation is endless, but what we could end up with is Triple H entering the rumble, winning it and putting himself in the main event again! just to get the paycheck, the title and the glory… if this happens then it proves once again that Triple H only cares about himself and not the future of the company he is set to inherit. As CM Punk said in his infamous 2011 pipebomb “the WWE will get taken over by his idiotic daughter and doofus son in law” words which are true then and now.

Leave your thoughts on the Rumble and keep your eyes open for the day after Rumble post.

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