New Power Rangers trailer released!

Many of you should now be somewhat aware that there is a new Power Rangers movie coming out this year.

With a trailer already doing the rounds, it was about time they whetted the appetites of the public by releasing another, this time, putting a lot more content into it. The teaser was great and all but as a fan of the franchise since day one, it didn’t cut the mustard. Missing were the likes of Zordon and Alpha 5 and no real showing of the Zords either.
But cue trailer #2. This time, showing us more of what we want to see and with glimpses of everyone’s favorite droid; Alpha 5, Zordon, the sexily evil Rita Repulsa and the hardcore henchman, Goldar.

I won’t give too much away in this reveal as you will soon see for yourself. But I for one, am a bit more hyped by this new trailer so will leave it to your judgement. The film is released in the UK on the 24th March so expect to see more info coming out of the woodwork before then.

Are you looking forward to the new MMPR film? Let us know on Twitter @ireekofgeekuk

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