What I’m playing right now…..Facebook Messenger. (Yes, Really)

What I’m playing right now.

This is my time to tell you, my fellow gamers, what games I am currently playing. As a gamer, I love to try out some new and some un-played older games which didn’t quite make my radar. These can be on any platform, console, PC or mobile. I’ll use this little space of the Internet to show you what I like (and don’t like) to play.

This write-up is a bit of a wildcard, I won’t be writing about the latest kick ass console title or the greatest PC RPG. I like to dedicate this review to the unknown hero of gaming known only as the Facebook Messenger selection of instant games. I know what you’re thinking, “Facebook! Games?!” well, yes. They are hosted on Facebook and any gaming on Facebook is usually found to be in the forms of Farmville or Candy Crush. The kind of games that are usually played by people who don’t want to game but just want to keep their minds and thumbs busy while they watch episodes of Emmerdale with a cup of milky tea on a quiet evening while at the same time annoying the entirety of their Facebook followers with reams of notifications asking you to play.

Well, my gaming congregation, things are going to change. The highly-paid genius Peoples of the social platform have introduced some of your old arcade favourites to the messenger gaming line up. Using some basic touch screen operation, you can manoeuvre PacMan around his ghostly maze or stave off an alien invasion in the Arcade classic Space Invaders. These are two of many highly addictive titles that you can get for FREE if you are a user of Facebook Messenger.

If you (like myself and my good chums) have a messenger group set up with more than a few people, these games can get a tad competitive with you and your friends fighting to get the highest score and gain eternal bragging rights over everyone you own. This for me takes it back to proper old school gaming where the fun comes from competition to just simply be at the top of a leader board. Great fun! Some of my faves below.


One of the titles that can get your competitive streak running wild is the scrolling shooter Everwing. It’s a simple game of shooting your way through wave upon wave of monsters to get through to the level boss that will try it’s best to stop you from getting any further. You can also unlock new characters and sidekicks and send these new chums on quests to earn gold and XP along the way giving you a LOT more to do that slide your thumb across the screen like a complete loon. This highly addictive game has seen our group leader board change on many occasions and even though someone is top now, there will soon be a new group leader. (#JustSayin Jason)



One of the awesome classic arcade titles comes in the form of a moving yellow dot that likes to eat pips that are laid down on the floor by some random. That’s right, if you were thinking PacMan, you were correct. The arcade hero may by in his late 30s but that doesn’t stop him from taking over gaming on your phone and exposing himself to a whole new age of gamers. This port to Messenger is graphically identical to the original in every way, no extra effects in sight. (Thank goodness) The game is still hitting it home but it do
es have to be said that the touch screen gestures can be a tad clunky with moments of non-responsiveness happening at all the wrong times. Other than that, I still love this game.




Space invaders is also another timeless classic to hit the service from the start and, unlike PacMan, doesn’t suffer from the control lag and flows into the classic gameplay seamlessly. It’s now even more compelling to blast 8 bit aliens knowing that you are playing for pride against your mates.





One of the newer games, Mars Rover, sees you simply controlling a $450 million planetary landing vehicle across the rocky terrain of Mars in the search of water and of course, high scores. The controls are simple and self-explanatory but the aim of the game is simple – to get as far as you can. The further you go, this higher the score. The terrain can be tricky to traverse so an air of caution is advised.







Finally, one of the worlds most played digital card games makes an appearance on your mobile screens. Solitaire shows you how you would need to concentrate while playing cards, I’ve been bottom of our leader board and am finding it near impossible to crack the top of the top half. Not only are you scored on finishing but are also deducted points for certain behaviors in the game. If you must refresh your deck for instance, this’ll cost you 50 of your valuable points score. The game rewards those who complete the game quickly so keep that mind sharp and those eyes peeled on the revealing deck.




These are only a few titles available on the service, below is a current list of titles available on the service that is currently being updated on a weekly basis so is worth keeping an eye out to see what’s new.



Box Squad Paper Golf

2020 Connect

Cut The Rope 2 Instant

Cooking Mama: Burger Shop

LUMINES Puzzle & Music Lite

Master Archer

Tower Match


Mars Rover

Endless Lake


Castle Creeps: Whack ‘Em All!


Trivia Blast Ultimate

Jewel Academy




Space Invaders

Brick Pop

Word Streak With Friends

Words with Friends: Frenzy

Kaburin! Dodge

Daily Sudoku

Templar 2048

Kaburin! Ball

The Tribez: Puzzle Rush

Puzzle Bobble Blitz

Shuffle Cats Mini


Wordalot Express

Mahjong Trails Blitz

Want to share what you’re currently playing? Drop us a tweet @iReekofGeekUK

One thought on “What I’m playing right now…..Facebook Messenger. (Yes, Really)

  1. Hello fellow geeks-
    I’m curious as to how you can see a ranking on Mahjong Trails Blitz. Universally, not just between you and your friends on Facebook but with everyone who has ever played. Is there a way?
    Mindy Fanucci Carbajal


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