Top 10 Kids movies for 2017

A kids look at the top 10 film of 2017

There is an abundance of kids films coming this year and instead of me giving my opinion I decided to ask my 10 year old daughter “Mini-Geek#1” what are her top 10 kids films for 2017, her selection was quite interesting.

From Sci-fi, to fantasy, animation movies and sequels, she picked her faves so keep reading for a 10 year olds selection of big hits for kids to watch:

10 Coco the Disney movie with a mexican twist.
Mini-Geek#1 said “This film looks really colourful and fun with pretty faces”Disney Coco Movie 2017

9 Captain underpants based off the successful and funny books by Dav Pilkey.  Mini-Geek#1 said “Can they make the film as funny as the book? how big will his pants be?”
Captain Underpants the Movie

8 Beauty and the beast live action movie with Emma Roberts. Mini-Geek#1 said “I like the first film because Belle looked at the beasts heart and not his hairy face”

7 Star Wars 8 the saga continues and we find out what Luke said to Rey. Mini-Geek#1 said “Who will Rey fall in love with, Poe or Finn? I hope it’s Finn”.
Star Wars 8 Movie6 The Emoji Movie will bring the colourful characters to life. Mini-Geek#1 said “How are they going to make a movie about emoji’s?”

5 Boss Baby the new age adventures in babysitting. Mini-Geek#1 said “How can that baby wear a suit? where did it buy it?”

4 The Batman Lego Movie looks set to continue the Lego franchise. Mini-Geek#1 said “The Lego movie was fun, but this one looks better, lets hope everything is awesome”

Sing the musical animal film with a host of stars. Mini-Geek#1 said “I love singing animals, I can’t wait to see this”

Despicable Me 3, Gru, Lucy and the girls are back with those annoying yellow things. Mini-Geek#1 said “Who doesn’t like minions? my dad doesn’t.. ”

1 Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 brings back Star Lord and his team in their 2nd outing. Mini-Geek#1 said “I want to see Baby Groot and find out who Star Lord’s dad is?”

It was a lot of fun to sit with my daughter and find out her favourite films Ashford and Mni-Geekof the year, seeing the excitement through her eyes and realising how much fun kids films can be. I love going to the movies with her, we shared the scares in Rogue One, the laughs in Zootopia and the tears in Pete’s Dragon and I can’t wait to share her review of this years films so keep checking back to read more of our posts.

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