Disney movie schedule from 2017 and beyond

Disney’s next phase of movies was recently announced, with trailers for some of the titles already circulating the web and the anticipated teasers is there any doubt that Disney has got something for everyone.

2017 to 2020 will see a host of movies from Disney and with the announcement in January the list and dates were released as well. I listed below and my opinion of what I want to see, what I don’t want to see and the question, why are they making this!!!

2017 Movies

Beauty and the Beast – Live action – due march 17
The casting and trailers for this live action movie have been getting positive reactions from the public and press, with Emma watson leading the cast even I am considering going to see this movie… I said considering. My issue is will it live up to the orginal cartoon which was the nominated for best picture at the Oscars in 1991.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume img_0440
I loved the first movie, my daughter loved the first movie and the trailer of the second one just made me want to watch it all over again. The first movie was a risk for Disney, with characters which were not as well known as Iron Man and Thor, this could have been a flop. But the casting and story proved a huge hit with fans alike and the second film is on mine and my daughters watchlist.

Cars 3
Lightning McQueen and his team are back in the third installment of their adventures on the road. To be honest I really don’t care enough about the film and characters, but my nephew loves Cars and will lap up the movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge
The new movie catches a down and out Jack Sparrow facing off against another old foe Salazar, who has come for his soul or the black pearl, or just revenge. With the return of Orlando Bloom and Javier Bardem joining the cast the new film could be the resurgence of the franchise.

Thor: img_0441
The almighty Chris Hemsworth dons the cape and lifts the hammer for his 3rd outing as the norse god and is joined by The Hulk and Doctor Strange. This eagerly anticipated movie could showcase the battle between the 2 heavy hitters. This is one film I can’t wait to see and with the hope that Tom Hiddleston appearing as Loki this should start the ball rolling for the next Avengers movie.

Star Wars VIII – Untitled as yet
The 8th installment of the rejuvinated Star Wars franchise has an anticipated release date of December 2017. After the success of Force Awakens the fans of the movies are waiting with baited breath to find out what happens to Rey and Luke, will Finn wake up from his coma, who is Snoke and will we find out more about Kylo Ren. The movie does have tinge of saddness as it was the last outing for the late great Carrie Fisher.

Other movies coming soon include:

CoCo – Created with the mexican day of the dead theme but hopefully a bit more upbeat.

Cruella – After the success of Maleficent, this live action remake of 101 Dalmations also includes a backstory about the evil character and her desire for designer animal fur.

Movies coming in 2018 include:

Black Panther – after the introduction of Prince T’Challa in Captain America Civil War this modern age hero looks set to have his own kick ass movie with cameos from other MCU characters.

Wreck-it-ralph 2 – The retro gaming hero returns in a new film and probably new characters to cause havoc and mayhem within an arcade console.

Avengers: Infinity War – The next installment of the Avengers franchise and with director changes, rumours of story rewrites people are wondering what film could they get. The only constant throughout is that Thanos will have a big part to play in his battle with the Avengers. Will this also mark the end of Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans in their respective roles?

Star Wars Story: Young Han Solo
The casting and announcement of the next Star Wars spinoff movie got the internet buzzing and the fact its centred around Han Soo.  After the heart breaking scenes in The Force Awakens this movie will give us the story about how he did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

2017 looks like a great great year for the movies and I can’t wait to enjoy these films with some select geek friends and my geek in training daughter.

Let me know what your looking forward to and if you would like to write a guest review for IReekOfGeek by tweeting me at @IreekofGeekUK.

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