Calling all Trek fans! Star Trek Beyond trailer released

The moment all Trek fans have been waiting for is here…

The trailer for the 3rd film since the franchises reboot has just seen it’s first public release trailer and it looks all actiony and stuff. The trailer wasn’t quite due for release but due to the footage being leaked, they felt it best to go full guns and throw the Trek loving public an early Christmas┬átreat.

It does look as though the Enterprise once again takes a pounding and for me, that’s not ok. It looks as though they will once again be sending her back for another refit, but we’ll soon see what happens when the film is released in July next year. So there will be plenty of time to get the story theories filling the internet and the hype train rollin’.

Let us know what you think of the trailer @iReekofGeekUK on Twitter and on Facebook.

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