Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?

So, it seems that Peter Jackson’s latest behind the scenes video has emerged on You Tube and it’ll excite a lot of Doctor Who fans.

Followers of Peter’s videos know of how he can be creative at times with the way he announces things and this video is no different. The scene is set with Peter and his daughter having a nice afternoon catchup while he polishes his small collection of Oscars, conversations continue and other characters enter the scene throughout the shoot (Which was apparently completed in a single take).

It would seem Mr. Jackson has been wanting to sink his teeth into the good Doctor’s story for a while and he now looks set to do so in season 10. It’s not said as to the nature of the episode just yet but here’s hoping it’s not padded out with extra dialogue and unnecessary green screen. We will soon find out though.

We’ll post more on this as and when details are released but this could be an exciting time to be a Whovian.

What would you like to see the Doctor do under Mr. Jackson’s direction? Let us know @iReekofGeekUK

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