walking dead Season 6

‘Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 5 Review: ‘Now’ **SPOILERS**

The episode 5 trailer from last week showed us the whereabouts of Darryl after the botched attack by the wolves… did we get it.


The episode begins with Rick racing back to Alexandria with half of the zombie horde chasing him, leading them right to the town gates.  What ensues is one of the least fulfilling episodes in the season, or in my opinion all the seasons leaving many questions still hanging.

Deanna wanders around like a person who has lost their way, hardly saying anything and looking like she has aged 20 years since Season 5. Maggie goes looking for Glenn and gives up at the sewer tunnel, not wanting to go any further just in case he is dead, and admitting she is pregnant to Aaron. Denise makes out with Tara after she helps build her confidence in saving Father Gabriel from his leg infection.


Ricks performance in this show barely made it to 10 minutes, with a lot of time spent with the residents of Alexandria nearly looting their supplies, burying some of the dead and generally being pathetic.  Jessie provides some entertainment with her zombie kill and realisation she has got to change in order to survive.


Lets hope the next episode answers the questions about Darryls’ whereabouts? What happens to Abraham? What’s Michonne been up to? is Carl really going after the girl? and more importantly IS GLENN ALIVE?

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