Overwatch – The Next Big Multiplayer FPS for PC?

With the recent serious First Person Shooters that are available or up and coming – the likes of Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront – it is refreshing to see a new Shooter that offers so much more freedom to play style and in game roles.

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Blizzard’s Overwatch revisits the old idea of having roles in multiplayer games, turning the game away from a standard pick your favourite gun and run with it to a strategic team based dynamic objective.

Overwatch splits all the heroes (currently 18) into 4 role types: Tank, Defense, Offense and Support.

Each role is important and an even team gives the best outcome. Currently there are two game modes, Payload (Escort mission under a time limit) and Point Capture (your standard capture towers mode).

To spice the game mode up even further, each hero has a list of unique abilities from teleportation to building turrets, and turning into a tank to summoning dragons. This added extra level of skill makes the game play more exciting and thrilling.

It is currently in a beta stage, however there are always streamers on the likes of Twitch.tv showing all Overwatch has to offer at the moment.

Overwatch has been compared to Team Fortress 2 over how similar the game style is and different characters to choose from, however I believe both games will stand up well for sometime.

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