walking dead Season 6

Walking Dead ‘Here’s Not Here’ Season 6 Episode 4 *** SPOILERS***

This episode demonstrates exactly why the writers of Walking Dead are the best at what they do, a full episode just with Morgan and Eastman, some incredible dialogue and monologue. The emotional ride this episode covered every spectrum and explains what happened to Morgan, why he chose his path, who helped me on his way.

The episode begins with a very tense Morgan talking directly to the camera explaining what happened to him, when it happened and why… it happened.

We see Morgan in deep anger, losing his mind, wanting to die and venturing through the woods, killing walkers and survivors, stealing food and looking for his death from a human not walker.


After being captured by a stranger in the woods he finds himself locked in a cell with Eastman watching over him. Morgan slowly begins to trust Eastman and begins to become human again. Both men are torn by the loss of their family, the grief bought onto them by other people and walkers, but one chose the path of peace, the other despair.

As both find common ground tragedy sets in and Eastman is bitten, saving Morgan from a walker. In the end Eastman admits how far he went for revenge before finding a Zen state before dying and being buried by Morgan. The episode ends with Morgan looking directly to the surviving Wolf he captured in a previous episode hoping to turn him to a more righteous path. Unfortunately the surviving Wolf shows Morgan his bite and admits he would kill them all if he could, Morgan realising his efforts were lost upon him steps out of the basement where he is captured.


The episode demonstrates why Lennie James  is such a good actor, his work on british television has been showing his skills for years, but this one episode summarises exactly why his range of emotions and his ability to take the audience on the journey with him.

The writers have answered the questions about what happened to Morgan and how did he get so good with his staff, but it avoided the question which has gripped the internet “What happened to Glenn?”.

With Steven Yeuns (Glenn Rhee) name being removed from the credits should we assume he is dead? or are they writers playing a game.

Watch the trailer for the next episode:

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