Its official, Spectre Rocks! ***This may contain spoilers***


The latest instalment in the Bond franchise is finally here and here’s my rough(ish) review of the whole blinking lot.

For those who have been hiding in a hole for the past month, the new Bond film ‘Spectre’ is now on General release across the country after a star studded premier in London on Monday. The film (the 24th film in the franchise) sees a more settled Bond take to the screens on a secret mission on the streets of Mexico during the day of the dead festival for the opening scenes. The traditional Bond opening sequence is always a show starter and this did not fail to impress from the word ‘GO’. It was smooth, stylish and packed with the odd humorous moment.

This helped set the tone for the rest of the film that was more about telling the story rather than focusing on usual array of car chases and explosions. Throughout the film, Bond is pretty much out in the field by himself. Taking the world on with his own instincts and not heavily dependent on the state of the art tech that had become so abundant in the early 00’s Bond films. This was all about him doing his job the way he knows how to and it was brilliant.
At points of the film, the avid Bond fan will notice small Easter eggs and slight nods to previous films cleverly added to scenes, these light references are enough to keep the average Bond geek (like myself) sitting in the audience shouting “I got that reference” (Which I did actually do………. On more than one occasion.) Even slight notes in the film’s score refer to past films such as ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ and help enrich the nostalgic feel to certain scenes.

The humour, as with most Bond films is subtle and well placed, there wasn’t as much of the LOL factor as with previous films though but what is there is worth a giggle or two, even though the humour can sometimes be focused on the older members of the audience. As previously mentioned, the film doesn’t contain all the mass amounts of action sequences and heroism that you would usually find in a Bond film, you can see they have tried to tell a story with this one and the action is nicely spaced out throughout the film. The downside to having more story and dialogue to the film is that you have to pay attention to a lot of the scenes that are being played out before you as they will more than likely be holding key points to what will be happening in scenes to come.

The Bond villain is always a key part of any Bond film and the villains chosen do not disappoint. Christoph Waltz plays an amazing Bond villain, a clear perfect choice for the role but the real hit from left field is the choice of Dave Bautista to play the relentless Mr. Hinx. A character which almost seems like he was born to play, silent and deadly. Always a frightful mix, no matter what the situation.

The usual Bond supporting cast (M, Miss MoneyPenny, Q and Tanner) were given their own side plots in the film which did give the feel of it being all over the place sometimes but seemed there would be a reason for this later on in the movie. The classical Bond girl is back too with a mix of sultry, sexy and intelligent as well as adding a big part to the film’s plot. Thankfully, they have dropped the butch Bond girl image they seemed to be big on in the late 90’s/early 00’s. This gives us the classic Bond mix we were used to in the older films.

All in all, the film was a blast, it (for me) was Bond back before the evil reign of Brosnan’s bond, lots of plot twists, surprises and plenty of classic bond moments that will see Spectre added to the list of Bond greats.

If you see one film this year, see Spectre, if you have to see 2 films this year, make them Spectre and Star Wars: Episode VII.

What did you think of Spectre? Let us know @iReekOfGeekUK

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