Full Spectre Trailer released (It’s rather exciting)

The moment that Bond fans (Like myself) have been waiting for since the closing credits of Skyfall, a trailer to a new James Bond film.

The moment is finally here people, the full Spectre Trailer has been released and it’s full of car chases and explosions and full on Bondy goodness. It opens with Bond (Daniel Craig) getting a de-briefing from the New ‘M’ (Ralph Fiennes) and the opens with an explosion which cascades into a trailer of high-octane action.

You see the introduction of the new Aston Martin and a car chase in which it gets thoroughly used and the faces behind the mega organisation ‘Spectre’ finally show themselves to our super spy. It’s safe to say I had a few goosebumps towards the end.

I won’t give too much away, but will let you see for yourself. My only fear is they may have focussed too much on the big bangs rather than giving us a James Bond film with some story which is where a lot of people think that Quantum of Solace failed. I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce the new trailer for Spectre. 

Thoughts on the trailer? Let us know @iReekOfGeekuk

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