Minecraft Story Mode – Yes, it actually exists

Many of you may remember such days when you were introduced to an 8 bit looking, blocky sandbox title named Minecraft and wonder what the heck was the big deal. Well, since it’s full version went live to the public in 2011, Minecraft has been released on no less than 9 different platforms and sold over 70 million copies worldwide, each of them having their own updates and quirks along the way.

So, it was inevitable that sooner or later, there would be a Minecraft release that would take the game into new realms and try to expand the current sandbox format and regain lost players. The new edition to the Minecraft Universe comes in the form of Story Mode. Mojang and TellTale games have been working those pixels hard to bring us a Minecraft that has never been seen before, a Minecraft that pushes the boundaries of it’s oh so common sandbox mode. ‘How have they beaten perfection??’ I hear you cry. Well, they added a story to it.

As the name suggests. the story side to the game brings actual talking characters to the spotlight on an adventure. As described byJob Stauffe from TellTale Games;

There’s a character called Jesse. “He’s a huge fan of everything going on in the world of Minecraft… But he’s kinda still learning about how to build a sword and how to ignite a portal… he’s a total n00b! But his friends are really really passionate about Minecraft as well.”

The other characters are called Petra (“she’s kind of a warrior herself”); Axel; Olivia; and Lucas. And a pig called Reuben. The human characters will, to some extent, reflect the characteristics of different player types in Minecraft.

Telltale looked back to the 1980s for inspiration. “We wanted a story that evoked the classic film stories that we were passionate about,” said Stauffer.

“The movies we grew up with, the two tentpoles we called out were Goonies and Ghostbusters… movies that they just don’t make any more, not like that,” he said, before admitting that a more recent film, The Incredibles, has also been an influence.

“Roleplaying is pretty key. In a Telltale game where you’re driving the story, it’s literally roleplaying. You’re going to be able to play Jesse however you want to play him,” said Stauffer.

The game is due for release later this year and will no doubt be on many Christmas lists this year, so parents, best get pre-ordering.

Will you be buying the new Minecraft? Thoughts on having a story to play? Let us know. @iReekofGeekuk