Wrestlemania 31 Preview and Predictions

Wrestlemania 31 Preview and Predictions + Win Prizes

Tonight’s Wrestlemania 31 show has a lot to measure up to against last years event.  Below are some of the Geek Team predictions for the event, but we want to get YOU involved, if you RT and share our predictions on Twitter then you could win one of 3 wrestler autobiographies.  I have a copy of Lex Luger, Adam “Edge” Copeland and Bob “Hardcore” Holly’s books to giveaway to 3 lucky people.  All you have to do is Retweet and Share our predictions.and your in with a chance, the more people you share it with, the more chances you have.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns
The main event of Wrestlemania is Lesnar v Reigns, with the recent announcement that Lesnar will be staying with the WWE the speculation he may retain the title at Wrestlemania has run wild across the net, but the other rumour of a Paul Heyman switch to Reigns has also been rumoured.  This match should be a fight, not so much wrestling but a smash mouth, ground and pound fight and with the WWE machine firmly behind Reigns we could see an upset, but will a face Lesnar draw the crowds or will they find it hard to embrace the mercenary fighter.  With the Rock in town could he be the difference maker in this Match and set up the Maine event of Wrestlemania 3, Brock v Rock?  Is the Roman Empire strong enough to carry the belt, or will the beast stope his Reign.

PREDICTION: a fight and Reigns will win, with a heel turn on Monday Night Raw.

Sting vs. Triple H
Sting’s first official match in the WWE, at Wrestlemania and its against Triple-H!!??! I wasn’t to bothered with this match because Sting’s first match should have been against the undertaker, Triple-H had to get involved and wrestle another icon, get another notch on his belt and put himself on the card to get a pay check.  I would like to see Sting batter the hell out of Triple-H and then end his career, but it won’t happen, I would like to see Sting win with ease and make Triple-H look like a patsy, but it won’t happen.  What’s going to happen is entrances taking 10 minutes, a match taking 15 minutes and Sting walking out getting rested for SummerSlam where Triple-H will wrestle him I a cage match.
PREDICTION: one sided match with Sting winning with the help of his bat, interference from Noble & Mercury.

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker
The undertaker is back after a year off, with speculation that the undertaker has been looking in bad shape this match is hugely anticipated by this Geek just to see what kind of shape is he in and will this be his swan song in the WWE?  I have seen and lived with the undertakers streak, from his debut at the 1992 Survivor Series with Brother Love, his phase as the American Badass, the resurrection as the Phenom and now as the legend, his character and bouts love on forever.  The end of the streak at Wrestlemania 30 was the wrong move, he shouldn’t have lost it, but Vinny Mac called it and it’s done.  Bray Wyatt is an amazing character and lives the role, he is a worthy opponent for Taker, but the win should go to the undertaker and the next night on Raw the challenge should be thrown down by Sting for a match at Wrestlemania 32 for one match, one night and a joint Hall of Fame induction’ a fitting end for 2 amazing wrestlers who have given so much to this business.
PREDICTION: Undertaker wins and agrees to one last match against Sting at the next Wrestlemania.

Paige & AJ Lee vs. The Bella Twins
if WWE is going to promote #givedivasachance then this match is their best opportunity, Bellas v the Anti Divas could be a great fight  with a decent time limit, at least 12 minutes hopefully.  Nikki Bella has done well brining the heel Bellas full circle, with Brie in tow (until she wants the title) they are proving Divas can wrestle.  AJ and Paige work so well together and against each other, they are both psycho but they both represent the different tyro of women and to me are role models I would prefer for my daughter rather than the Bellas.  The only downside of this match is that the WWE might use it to gain the publicity for one night but the next 364 days could see the creative team not provide any story or time to the Divas division.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
The viper takes on The future, this bout will test Seth Rollins in a bout with one of the best veterans in the WWE, Orton might be getting the cheers but this time it’s in his terms.  This bout should have a good 20 minutes with run ins from Kane and Big Slow just to keep it interesting.  The finish is going to be a screw job on Orton but sets them up for a heated battle at Extreme Rules, as well as a few other PPVs until Rollins cashes in the money in the bank title shot.  I hope they give Rollins a chance to showcase his skills further with Orton and of course I want to see a selection of RKO’s on various people.
PREDICTION: Rollins to win but only with help from others, then follow up matches through the summer.

John Cena V Rusev – US Title Match
I forgot who John Cena wrestled at Wrestlemania 30, that’s how far down the card he sunk to me, this year he fights Rusev for the U.S. Title, it won’t be like Rocky 4′ but it will be a standard Cena match.  This might be slightly disheartening for Cena who was wrestling the Rock at Wrestlemania 28 and 29 and is now wrestling down the card at mid billing.  This match has had some coverage on WWE to but the reality it’s not as intense as Orton v Rollins or the IC title match, so my prediction is going to be short and sweet.
PREDICTION: Cena wins with the STF in 11 minutes, the introductions take longer than the match and probably have more quality.

IC Title Ladder Match: Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Stardust
The IC Title Match is one of the most anticipated bouts on the card, the inclusion of these top stars and mega star “Daniel Bryan” this match has the chance to steal the show.  With the rumour mill running wild about the chance to see Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler go at it during and after the match we could (should) see a new IC champ crowned.  The inclusion of Stardust and Ambrose will bring some high spots with the ladder.  I would love to see Ambrose walk away with the title and start a program with Harper, Barrett and Stardust for the next few months fending off challengers and culminating in a scramble match.
PREDICTION: Ziggler or Ambrose walking away with the title and the beginning of 2 great feuds.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: The Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Erick Rowan, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Kane, Damien Mizdow, Sin Cara, Goldust, Heath Slater, Mark Henry, Konnor, Viktor, Hideo Itami
The annual battle royal is now on the kick off show, which doesn’t bode well for the winner.  Last years winner, Cesaro has also been bumped to the kick off show which proves his year has been one of more downs than ups.  This years battle royal has one stand out entrant, Hideo Itami.  This could be the night we see the NXT star deliver his first “GTS” in a WWE ring and claim victory of the battle royal.  Knowing the WWE they will give the win to Big Show, Kane or Mark Henry, instead of the deserving talents such as Adam Rose, Curtis Axel or Goldust.  This bout will also see the split between The Miz and Damien Mizdow and see his ascension to the bigger stage.
PREDICTION: Adam Rose or Goldust or Hideo Itami 

Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Title Kickoff Match: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day vs. Los Matadores vs. The Usos
This is a tragedy, these 4 teams have been fighting away to get up onto the card and then they get bumped to the kickoff show.  The teams in this match are hungry and will pull out all the stops to make sure they are noticed, I can see Tyson and Cesaro fight to keep their titles and to pull off some amazing moves.  The Uso’s and New Day are worthy contenders but someone in WWE needs to give the Tag Team titles the respect they deserve and let these teams fight it out.
PREDICTION: Tyson and Cesaro retain the titles, then The Ascension storm the ring and beat up all the teams.

Wrestlemania 31 has some good matches and some bad ones and hasn’t got the same build up of Wrestlemania 30.  Could we see some great matches from the younger talent, yes, will we see the top tier talent push harder and try to steal the show, probably, will we all watch the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania to see the fall out and possibly the arrival of Samoa Joe to the WWE, hopefully.

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