Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 Try

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 15 Try The penultimate episode of Walking Dead showed Rick getting to breaking point with the normal ness that Alexandria is trying to present. The fight between Rick and Pete is bloody, it shows how tightly wound Rick is about the whole situation.

Deanna looked on at Rick in the episode upset due to the death of her son, but also with the words spoken by Gabriel who is poisoning her against the new arrivals. It’s a rough situation for us the viewers to watch, because we know Rick is truly trying to look out for everyone.

Deanna burning up Carols apologetic note, demonstrates the mistrust brewing in light of the circumstances of her son's death. Nicholas documenting on camera his version of events infuriated me (and any other viewer) with his lying that will lead to a bigger crack in the fractured society. Glenn’s advice to Nicholas about not leaving Alexandria again goes unheeded as he digs up a gun for his own protection, will it be his weapon against Rick and Glenn.

The continued breakdown of Sasha took a new turn when she decided she would hunt the walkers instead of running away from them demonstrates a new dark side to the character. With the hunt nearly taking a dangerous turn with Michonne and Rosita saving her from being swarmed you get to see the fear, anger and shame of surviving instead of Tyresse.

The end saw Rick confront Jessie and telling her about the abuse, Petes arrival brings on a fight between the constable and surgeon with no one winning outright and Rick giving Deanna his monologue about living in the real world. Is this part of the “Ricktatorship” and his control of the group he calls family? Is he finally at breaking point? Did Michonne knock him out just to stop hm getting shot or has she got her own motives?

The 90 minute season finale could see the exile of Rick from Alexandria for his actions? Will Glenn, Maggie and Michonne help him escape and overthrow the current leaders of Alexandria, or will they ensure he leaves into the real world and survive against the walkers? Also who is carving the “W” into the heads of the walkers? Could it be the rumoured Wolves group who live outside of Alexandria and have been watching the new arrivals. Also the question I have is about Morgan, where is he? Is he following Rick? Will he be a friend or foe?

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