Eye on Bond – Video Updates **SPOILER ALERT**

Greetings Bond fans! It has been a while since my last update from the world of Spectre I am with a quick update to help quench that super spy thirst.

"Two supercars, one beautiful city. SPECTRE."

Firstly, some sneaky beaky has posted some behind the scenes footage of Bond escaping capture in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. The clip shows the stunt driver practicing a reverse turn in a car park laden with expensive cars while trying to escape machine-gun toting henchmen shooting wildly at the car from a near by balcony. The footage then shows different angles of the chase while also being filmed by the chase car.

The scene then changes to outside the parking area where the Aston Martin must drive at speed through one of the ground’s archway entrances. The video finishes with some still photography of various shots of the area throughout the day’s filming.

Video Credits L Verse Studios

The second clip is another behind the scenes video from Director Sam Mendes who gives us a rough outline of the film so far as well as showing us some behind the scenes footage again at Blenheim Palace. It also gives us shots of inside the office of M as well as some of the supporting cast in action around London.

Mendes also gives us an outline of Bond’s role in the film and with him now being the more experienced agent with more possible connections to Bond’s past making an appearance.

Both these clips show us a whole lot more into what were should look to expect from the new film. It certainly had me excited and wanting to know more.

Stay tuned for more Eye On Bond.

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