Grand Theft Auto Online Heists coming in 10 March

Fans of GTA have been waiting with baited breath for Online Heists and now they could be here on 10 March 2015.


The new mode will be launching on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and brings new 4-player co-op gaming to GTA Online. The team at I Reek of Geeks has been waiting with baited breath for the chance to play Online Heists which include raids and robberies acros Los Stanos and other counties.

Rockstar are providing information in bite size chunks and is hintingĀ at new features coming with the game mode.


Every Friday for the last year, the I Reek of Geeks team has had GTA Friday sessions on the X-box 360 and now the X-box One. The result of these sessions has led to laughter and frustration by the team either racing, playing against each other or just driving through the city chasing other players.

Check out the Lets Play videos from Rooster Teeth who we follow online.

One thought on “Grand Theft Auto Online Heists coming in 10 March

  1. Date, time and battery usage are still visible when your screen is locked.
    Try going to this site to read all the information you could possibly want
    about rumored, leaked, and predicted GTA 5 characters.

    One thing Penny Arcade is not really known for is subtlety, which is a shame, because simple comics like this one really show off the skill with which Mike and Jerry ply their craft.


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