Samoa Joe parts ways with TNA – Whats his next move?

On 17 February 2015 Samoa Joe announced he had left TNA wrestling which had been his home for nearly 10 years.  This comes as a shock for TNA as Joe was part of the Beat Down Clan lead by MVP.

What does the future hold for the Samoan Submission Machine?

Samoa Joe had become a star through the independent wrestling circuit, with matches in ROH, Japan, Pro Wrestling Zero 1 and other outfits what options does Joe have on where and who he wrestles.

Joe in Japan
Samoa Joe has wrestled in Japan, he has a reputation for being a stiff worker and earned the respect of promoters.  If he did choose to do some dates in the land of the rising sun then he would be welcome with open arms and the talent would like to get back in the ring with him.  The benefits of Japan for Joe are the limited dates, pay and chance to work in matches he excels in, it wouldn’t give him the exposure he may have got from TNA but it does give him security financially and physically.

Joe in Ring of Honour
Joe made his name in Ring of Honour, it would make sense for him to go back there and work some great matches against the next generation of ROH talent.   With Jay Lethal, the Briscoes and returning Matt Sydal in ROH Joe would have some great matches and when he feels the time is right a career behind the scenes helping grow and nurture talent.  This seems a likely option as Joe has connections to ROH and its fans who want to see him back in their ring.

Joe back in TNA
TNA could come back to Joe with an offer that satisfies both parties and have him kick ass for a few more years in his regular stomping ground.  They were able to reach a deal with Kurt Angle, or did he just have no where to go?? TNA need someone like Joe to lead the locker room and to help train their next generation of stars if they have any sense.  But with the current TNA system of using talent until they reach the top and swapping them out for WWE has-beens and independent talent then he will probably not step back into the TNA ring.

Joe in WWE
The dream would be for Joe to go into the WWE and not only take over, but dominate the existing and new talent.  I would love to see the re-formation or reboot of the Shield with Joe as the leader, or some form of shoot fighters taking over the WWE with force and destruction.  The chances of Joe in the NXT/WWE are good, but it depends on the offer, Joe’s health and the WWE higher ups taking a chance on an ex TNA wrestler.  They haven’t yet, but maybe Joe has the real “IT” factor to make it WWE.

Joe in Retirement
Speculation is always going to suggest that Joe could retire from wrestling and take up a trainer position.  Thinking of the injuries he has suffered and his physical fitness this is another possibility.  Joe has always been a professional and strived to be the best in business, would he settle for never making it in the big leagues and becoming a legend or could he walk off into the sunset?

In my view Joe is the best free agent in the business, the WWE have signed Kenta (Hideo Itami), Prince Devitt (Fin Balor) El Generico (Sami Zayn) and Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) who have made a difference in NXT, Joe would be a great fit within that team and with his charisma and skill could lead them to the WWE main roster.

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