Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 Them

**** SPOILER ALERT ******

Read at your peril

The episode opens with Beth looking away in the distance whilst a walker approaches, she kills it as if she is in a trance. The hopelessness of the situation they are now in seems even more bleak in this episode.

With the heatwave setting in, water getting scarce it was only a matter of time before the survivalists would start to feel the strain of travelling in a the zombified world.

line of the show
Alice – “how much longer we got?”
Sasha – “Sixty miles”
Alice – “I wasn’t talking about that”

Now that the group are on foot and with Rick sporting a great beard, the survivalists are now on their way to Washington, but with food and water running out how many will get there? will any of them get there?

Seeing Sasha lose control was a first, her sadness and anger after losing Tyrese come bubbling to the surface and her confrontation with Michone could lead to a showdown later in the season. Could the dissension between Michone and Sasha bring a split in the group, or will one have to put the other down if they are bitten?


The coldness of Sasha is coming full circle as she shows no fear in executing the wild dogs for food so the camp can survive, another example of how bad things are getting.


Father Gabriel throwing his collar into the fire was the first symbol of him accepting how far away from god he really is. After letting his parish die during the outbreak he has now accepted his evil, but could this be the beginning of his descent into darkness? In the comic books Father Gabriel is one of the biggest antagonists against the group so could we see him sink to the lowest depths of evil.

The arrival of the water and then rain brings a small element of hope to the group, but who is the friend? could it be Morgan? could it be the army? or is it someone new to the story.

The “crap my pants” moment of the episode was in the barn with walkers heading towards the barn and now the arrival of the clean shaven, smartly dressed Aaron elevates the paranoia in the group. Could he lead a new band of cannibals? or just more hunters? or could he be the salvation that the survivalists have been looking for.

After the death of Tyreese in the last episode it was good to see Sasha develop in her role, in fact it was probably the most of her I have seen since she joined the show in Season 2. Seeing Daryl breakdown demonstrated how well the actors are developing their characters in the show, it demonstrated that the guilt, grief and hopelessness can affect even the most hardened character.

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