Fight Club 2 – Comic Covers

The 'cartoony' promotional illustration for Fight Club 2

News hit the world like a punch from Tyler Durden that there would be a sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s novel ‘Fight Club’ but it wouldn’t be in the form of another film (for now).

Dark Horse Comics would be publishing the story as a limited series of 10 comics. The series will be written by Palahniuk and illustrated by Cameron Stewart.

Artist David W. Mack is illustrating the covers which you can see below in the run up to the release on May 27th this year.

fight club 2 a

fight club 2 b

fight club 2 c

Will these stories eventually lead to another reuniting of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton? Is a sequel in film form worth making or is it a good idea to leave it as a graphic novel? Let us know what you think!

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