Is Windows 365 coming? is Microsoft planning a subscription based operating system?

With reports that Microsoft has trademarked “Windows 365” the industry is guessing if Microsoft are going to launch a subscription-based version of Windows?


Neowin reported that the speculation that the subscription based “Windows 365” could be part of the same model as the successful “Office 365” which has taken a rapid adoption by business worldwide.

With Microsoft’s big push into the Cloud and delivering devices for mobile working could this be the logical alternative to the desktop service?


As a user of Office 365 I think the service is above and beyond other Office or desktop processing applications I have used in the past. The flexibility to use Word, Excel, OneNote, Lync and other applications on my iPad, Surface, Laptop or mobile is very appealing and allows me the opportunity to work anywhere on work files.

I think the timing of this news item could be difficult for the industry to buy into, esepcially after the announcement that users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will get a FREE upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year.

If Windows 365 does have the WoW factor Microsoft hope it will, what happens to all those Laptops and PC’s which windows 10 pre-installed? will business be able to swap-out their existing Windows 7 in favour of Windows 365?

Windows 10 will exit its Technical Preview phase in April ahead of a full launch later this year.

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