Steam Workshop Expands!

Valve have just announced that individuals over the last 4 years (since the release of the Workshop) have received a total of $57 Million, which has been split across 1,500 designers all around the world through the Steam Workshop.

As an avid PC gamer it is always great to see new and interesting styles that change the games you love. Steam Workshop allows creators and graphic designers to add unique appearances to games such as Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike and DotA 2.

They have also just opened this up to other non-Valve games – including Chivalry and Dungeon Defenders. Which could be the stepping stone to further non-Valve games to bring something different and exciting to the games we can’t stop playing.

Hopefully we will see more brilliant designs in the future for those games that need some assistance.

To see what’s available and how to create content for a game check out the Steam Workshop page here.

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