Check out the Super Bowl Movie Trailers

The Super Bowl is over and with the New England Patriots winning 28 to 24 against the Seattle Sea Hawks the buzz around the game was as popular as the buzz about the blockbuster movie trailers which debuted at the half time show.

Here is a list of the movies and trailers.

Jurassic World

Chris Pratt training Raptors and genetically created dinosaurs with more teeth than a great white shark this trailer sets the scene for a rehash of the first Jurassic Park movie but updated for this decade.

Fast and Furious 7

The introduction of Jason Statham as the villain hunting down Dom’s crew could prove to be the movies saving grace.  Since the death of Paul Walker the future of the franchise is in doubt, maybe this final high octane movie will be the end of the road.

Terminator Genisys

The reboot of the Terminator franchise is bringing up more questions than ever, how did the Arnie Terminator get grey hair? why is Sarah Connor such a bad-ass? will the new T-1000 (liquid Terminator) achieve his mission?  This movie has a lot of explaining to do, lets hope it doesn’t rely on big stunts and catchphrases.


The Disney live-action movie could be the sleeper hit of the year, directed by Brad Little (director of The Incredibles’) this movie see’s newcomer Britt Robertson use a magic talisman to cross between worlds.  How George Clooney fits into the movie should become clear in the next trailer.  Disney has kept this project under wraps and haven’t given too much away about the movie.  Could this be the movie to take the summer?

Ted 2

The Ted 2 superbowl trailer had the same crude sense of humor we are use to in a Seth MacFarlane creation, this movie has a lot to live up to and lets hope not all the jokes are sperm related.

Pitch Perfect 2

Trailer unavailable because we do not wish to put a trailer or comment of this film, due to the fact … We just don’t!

With the lineup for the summer movies looking better than ever we want to know what movies your looking forward to.  Tweet us at @ireekofgeekuk

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