Lego Helicarrier – Brick just got real!

With the current Avengers hype hitting pretty much every aspect of media at the moment, Lego have just announced something that will help stoke those fires to keep the hype engines going. To keep fans happy before the release of Age of Ultron, they have announced the imminent release of the SHIELD Helicarrier.

Based on the Helicarrier featured in ‘the Avengers Assemble’ it is made up of around 2,996 individual pieces of Lego and, once finished, will measure two feet in length. The size also allows for on board storage of 2 Quinjets, various fighter jets and a fleet of ground vehicles. They are also throwing in a few characters to help complete the set, making their Lego appearance will be Captain America (With Shield) Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury as well as Maria Hill and various other SHIELD operatives.

The set is due to officially hit the shops sometime in March and will look to set you back around $349. (Roughly about £269.99) So will not be cheap but can imagine will be on the most wanted lists of many Marvel fans this year.

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