Final Season of Continuum Confirmed.

SyFy have confirmed the 4th and sadly final season of Continuum, with only 6 episodes being made, will the season finale deliver on the time travel trials of Keira Cameron.


If you haven’t watched Continuum then your missing a very intelligent time travel series that bought science fact to science fiction which included time paradox, alternate time lines and a dystopian future which if would be ruled by corporations.

THe lead in the show is 2077 refugee Keira Cameron played by Rachel Nichols, who also started in the first GI Joe movie as Scarlett. She accidently (or purposely) lands in 2011 with a group of social terrorists called “Liber8” who are hell bent on changing the future.

The show developed the story at a smooth pace while developing the hope that Keira will return to the future and her fight to stop Liber8 changing the past to meet their own agenda.

I like Continuum and would urge anyone with a Netflix subscription to watch the show, it provided the premise that if someone did travel back in time, was it by mistake or by design, and what if the future was already set in stone with no way to change it.

Rachel Nichols spoke to Digital Spy about the final season and said “In season three, we build the story and the idea of time travel, there’s different timelines and people coming from different timelines – everything’s going to get more complicated, but in the best sense of the word.”

“I’d like to see the fourth season be such an incredible success that maybe we can get a little bit more out of it,” she admitted. “Maybe there are some legs to it somewhere else and I think that the fans would be in support of that.

“I know that we’re gonna do everything possible to make season four even more electric and thought-provoking than prior seasons, so of course I’d like to be optimistic and think that perhaps this isn’t the end.”

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