New Fantastic 4 Reboot Trailer. But will it be any good?

Fresh off of the proverbial presses, the internet seems to be going mad for the new F4 movie.

It’s been seven years since the last movie saw the awesome foursome do battle with the likes of the Silver Surfer and the mighty Galactus.  In doing so they saved the world from being eaten and making the way clear for a third F4 movie.

But…Nothing happened. Mr Fantastic went on to become more of an oldie timey period actor, the Invisible Woman played parts in some smaller movies, the Thing went to play a character with the exact same ability in No Ordinary Family and the Human Torch became Captain America. (Great career move BTW) The shear thought of a third movie was just a mere dream the back of a fan boy’s mind.

But alas! Rejoice all you Fantastic 4 fans (You know who you are), the reboot will soon be upon us and from the looks of the newly released trailer, There has been a LOT of rebooting. Gone is the niceness and bright colour from the movies of old and in are the dimly lit visuals, moody landscape shots and a leaner looking cast. The Michael Bay-esque text in the trailer giving the feel of a more dramatic movie that is hoping to get fans wanting that sequel. It seems more dramatic in fact than being eaten whole by an intergalactic beast, which let’s face it, didn’t really amount to much.

Also missing from the new story are the solar flares (Or galactic rays) that originally gave these four (five if you included Dr. Doom) their fantastic powers. The story comes to us from the same guys who brought us Thor and X-Men: Days of Future Past and is set to center around a failed teleportation experiment with not a cosmic ray in sight. This could be a game changer for the hardcore fans of the series but let’s hope it goes unnoticed.

With a much more grittier look and feel, it does look as though you be able to forgive the cuteness of the past movies and be ready to move on with the new storyline. Will they be incorporating the new storyline into the current Marvel Universe? We certainly hope so although it will all depend on how the new film is received in cinemas when released in June.

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