How to save the Royal Rumble 2015.

The Royal Rumble is now done and the result not what the fans wanted, with tweets of #CancelWWENetwork cascading through twitter it was obvious that the WWE is forcing Roman Reigns down our throats, but my brother came up with a way so salvage the situation.

Reigns comes out with Rock to talk about Mania and Daniel Bryan interrupts and begs Reigns for a chance to win his title shot. Reigns isn’t interested and doesn’t want to jeopardise it, Rock tells him that to be considered “a great one” he can’t back down from a challenge.

Reigns reluctantly agrees as long as Rock is in his corner. The match is on for the ‘Fast Lane’ PPV. At the main event, Bryan gives Reigns his best performance to date and wins the match and title shot at Wrestlemania again Lesnar.


Reigns then blames the Rock and spears him through the barricade and powerbombs him through the table turning heel in the process. To kick off the Reign of Terror, he challenges the Rock to a match at Wrestlemania, The Rock declines the match but a heel reigns targets Rocks legacy and goes on TV tarnishing Rocks name and taking out people like Foley, Austin, Jericho etc.. Rock eventually agrees and puts Reigns over at Mania and loses to help push the career of Roman Reign.

The WWE made the same mistake last year putting over the friends of HHH thinking the fans wanted to see them fight it out for title, once the “Yes” movement kicked in they put Daniel Bryan into the title picture.

Will the WWE listen to the fans this year? do they care what the fans want? or do they want you to watch the WWE Network and not ask any questions?

Me and my brother have a subscriptions to the WWE Network and this has made me doubt if I really want to keep it? but with the stars of NXT and Tough Enough a click away its proving slightly difficult?

4 thoughts on “How to save the Royal Rumble 2015.

  1. Didn’t think about that scenario but it is possible. Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns at Fast Lane for title shot ! Reigns loses title shot and fights Rock at Mania. Rock puts him over on grandest stage !!


  2. At the moment the WWE needs to salvage Wrestlemania for the fans. Sources state the Rock was upset at the crowd reaction for Roman Reigns. Other sources have said Daniel Bryan was visibly upset after his elimination. Could it be a heel turn for Daniel Bryan to set up babyface Reigns to fight him at Wrestlemania? or would that ruin Daniel Bryan….


  3. It’s becoming an annual tradition to complain about the winner of the rumble, but WWE sorted it out last year. I think Roman Reigns will be a bit part with in taking the title from Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania before Seth Rollins cashes in his ‘Money in the Bank’ opportunity to steal the title last minute.

    This would usher out Lesnar for a spell and throw it open for the title to be contested by Rollins, Reigns, Bryan, Cena (as per, once he’s sorted out Rusev at Wrestlemania) and perhaps even Dean Ambrose, who I’d love to see as aN ‘anti-hero’ champion.

    The new PPV will give us a good indication where it will be going.


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