Royal Rumble 2015 My Predictions

With the Royal Rumble 2015 just around the corner here are my predictions for this years event.

WWE, WWE Network, Royal Rumble 2015
Brock Lesnar V John Cena V Seth Rollins – Royal Rumble 2015 – WWE Network

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
Brock Lesnar (C) Vs John Cena Vs Seth Rollins
I predict interference by The Authority which leads to John Cena winning the title by pinning Seth Rollins for the belt. The beast incarnate will see red and the rage will lead to him giving multiple F5’s to John Cena allowing Seth Rollins the chance to cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity.

This result will continue the feud between Cena and the Authority and help raise Seth to the next level.

The Usos v The Miz and Mizdow - Royal Rumble 2015 - WWE Network
The Usos v The Miz and Mizdow – Royal Rumble 2015 – WWE Network

WWE Tag Team Champions
The Usos Vs the Miz and Mizdow
I predict the Usos will win the match, but the Ascension will make their mark by beating the Usos after they win their match.

This allows the build up of the Uso and Ascension feud leading up to the next PPV and maybe even Wrestlemania.


Paige & Natalya Vs The Bella Twins
I predict the Bella twins coming out on top and could lead to the split between Paige and Natalya. This match is only on the card because of Total Divas, the chance to expose the stars of the show to the PPV audience.

The match is just a filler and I hope Paige and Natalya end up fighting it out and the Bellas start splitting up too.


New Age Outlaws Vs The Ascension
I predict a borefest, this is a match that shouldn’t have been booked. The NAO were great in the day, but a decade later they are just too old and the WWE needs to make way for the NeXT generation of stars. I hope the Ascension destroy Billy and the Road Dogg in 60 seconds and then take out the Uso’s in their title match.

20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_Kickoff b

Royal Rumble Kickoff
Big E, Kofi and Xavier Wood Vs Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose
I predict this to be a good match, why its on the kickoff show is probably due to Triple-H not having the balls to put his friends the New Age Outlaws on kickoff and in the main PPV. With all 6 of these stars being in the prime of their career I can only hope this match is allocated 15 minutes and then they all get put into the Rumble match.
Every year Kofi Kingston has demonstrated his amazing agility in the Rumble match with handstands, jumps and flips from the ring, the apron, the barricade back to the ring. Why waste his talents in the kickoff show when you have a self made WWE Superstar and world champion.

The Royal Rumble Match
With only 12 wrestlers officially announced for the Rumble match I am hoping for some of the NXT roster being put into the fight and the wrestlers from the kickoff show as well as surprises. The Rumble has always been the beginning of of the road to Wrestlemania, last year it was inevitable that Daniel Bryan was going to be in the main event, this year it could be anyones, or anyone the WWE has selected.

With Bray Wyatt being lined up to fight the Undertaker, as long as he is healthy, we can remove him from the World Title race.
Dean Ambrose might be in with a chance, and with the popularity of the Lunatic Fringe growing he could end up walking into Wrestlemania, but would you pay to see him versus John Cena/Seth Rollins.
Randy Orton is soon to return and will be in the final four, but could he win it? should he win it? Randy does have a feud lined up with Seth Rollins, so its a possibility.
Could Daniel Bryan win it this year and walk back into Wrestlemania again and win the title. Last year they built the war against Daniel Bryan and the Authority to perfection with a great climax at Wrestlemania 30, could he do it again, I think so. With alot of people inside the WWE believing that Daniel Bryan is just a one hit wonder and only worth his “Yes” catchphrase, the WWE universe might want him to win, but will the Authority let him.
Roman Reigns, considered to be the next rising star of the WWE due to his connections to the Rock and the audience loving his routine, but will it last long enough, or will the WWE Universe tire of his Superman punch.

The Rumble this year looks to be interesting and with the hope that Sting shows up to thwart the Authorities plans and set-up his match with Triple-H and the availability of the Rumble on the WWE network I think its going to be a good start to 2015.

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