Could the Dudley Boys surprise us all at Royal Rumble 2015?

Its that time of year when the WWE hypes the Royal Rumble and everyone tries to guess who will win, but more people are guessing who the mystery entrants will be.

Each year the WWE brings out a huge surprise entrant, from Goldust in 2013, Kharma in 2012, Diesel in 2011, Beth Phoenix in 2010, RVD in 2009 and John Cena in 2008 and could this year be another surprising year.

With the Dudley Boys currently free agents following their departure from TNA in October 2014 after Bound For Glory in Tokyo, they are in a prime position to return to the WWE even for a one night only at the rumble and put someone through a table with the 3D.

If they were to be the surprise entrant it would be the first time in over 9 years they would set foot in a WWE ring and hopefully rejuvinate the tag-team scene in the WWE. The idea of seeing the Dudleys versus The USOs, Miz and Mizdow, Gold and Stardust, New Day, Ascension and the new Masters of the WWE Universe.

For D-Von and Bubba Ray this could be the swan song they deserve with them finally being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and work with the new stars of NXT.

I remember seeing the Dudleys at the UK Insurrextion 2001 event in London and again in 2010 at the TNA event in London, each time they had the crowd in their hand and we all screamed “Get the tables” you felt the energy in the arena.  If the do return it will only add value to the WWE product and roster whilst giving the fans the chance to see one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

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